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Brexit and rugby league ... (1 Leser) (1) Gast
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THEMA: Brexit and rugby league ...
aaron pawlak (Benutzer)
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Brexit and rugby league ... vor 2 Jahren, 5 Monaten Karma: 0  
Hey everyone,

It is possible to assume that the RFL examines what the Super League might look like in a post-Brexit world. As a team before a crucial match, an organization must prepare and anticipate changes in order to be able to cope with them. If Great Britain leaves the EU what changes would affect the Catalan Dragons, in SL and the TO in League One or Championship? Nothing will happen for 2 years, but at the end of this period it will be the end of the free movement between the EU and Great Britain with, perhaps, difficulties for the teams and their supporters traveling between these two entities.Brexit would also have another consequence with the so-called "Kolpak" rule between the EU and countries like Samoa and Tonga. This agreement, in force since 2003, allows players from these nations to live and work in Europe. What about these players without this agreement that falls with the brexit?

Please help

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